Download Scanpst.exe: Is It Really Worthful?

Scanpst.exe is a very robust application that is used for correcting MS Outlook issues. It is a default application that is present in every version of Outlook at certain locations. Users just need to visit that location and run it to cure their Outlook PST file issues. In case, if it is not present then download scanpst.exe from the official Microsoft website as a freeware. Scanpst.exe is very effective in fixing normal internal PST file database issues but on many situations it fails to execute the task successfully. So, if the corruption is severe then it is recommended to use a third party scanpst.exe tool.

Lets see some details about Scanpst.exe .Since it is a default application thus it is present in different locations bases on the version of Outlook. For eg, Scanpst.exe 2007 is present at Windows version – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12
in 32 bits System and Windows version – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12 in 64 bits System. In case if it is hidden then the location of this file could be traced using Windows search option. As far as its performance is concerned, it is limited. If the corruption is present in the header part of the files then it could easily fix the issue but if the corruption is related to inner PST file, or oversized PST file then Scanpst.exe normally doesn’t performs its task successfully. Moreover, if the PST file is password protected or encrypted then use of Scnapst.exe goes in vain.

The number of limitations of Scanpst.exe is too many thus it is beneficial and always recommended to use an automatic Outlook PST repair tool to fix severe issues of PST file. The automatic tool has very powerful scanning algorithm and programing logics to throughly scan the entire Outlook and its PST file. This helps it to remove all kinds of corruptions very easily. Additionally, it splits large sized PST file in smaller one to so that it could be accessed smoothly. User can also recover the lost password of PST file with the same application. So, just perform a third party scanpst.exe download and fix your Outlook problems easily.

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